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Business Advisor, Life Sciences and Medtech Sectors

Christian Ménard, M.Sc., Ph.D., H.D.R.

Entrepreneuriat ULaval

Christian Ménard has 19 years of experience with industrial R&D in medical devices, from the idea to the product, in ISO 13485 and Quality System Regulation (QSR) environments. He holds 9 patents.

After 14 years in academic research (25 scientific publications) and 3 years of university teaching (U de Rennes I, France), he joined the industrial research team of the Infectio Diagnostic Inc. (IDI) startup at the Centre de Recherche en Infectiologie du CHUL as project manager. Within IDI, his team was committed to completing the development of a first product that would be approved by the FDA. He then became Technology Director at IDI, then at GeneOhm Science Canada, and finally at Becton Dickinson, in the Molecular Diagnostic division. He participated in the approval of 10 products submitted to the FDA.

A biotech and medtech consultant since 2016, he joined Entrepreneuriat ULaval in 2022 as a special advisor.

Areas of expertise

Product positioning and development
R&D optimization
Quality systems implementation
Scientific writing for submission to regulatory authorities
Improvement of industrial processes