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Our purpose and our pride!

Our core purpose: to help our incubatees succeed!
Dedicated to developing tomorrow’s technologies and innovations, our incubatees are building our future—and we love being able to support them.  Get to know them.

Quantino recently opened its doors to its first incubatees:



ABCDust is an international company which develops smart and sustainable dust control et soil stabilization solutions.



AYE3D develops a screen that does not require glasses or headsets to watch 3D content.


BioTwin’s mission is to improve health and save lives.


DeteXion is a company that strives to reduce the impacts of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance by developing fast and portable biosensors.


Domely brings solutions for proactive management of your buildings.


Erabec offers a vacuum monitoring system for maple sap lines to limit contamination and leaks, and thus increase productivity.


Femtum is specialised in the conception of lasers that are adapted to the micromachining of non metallic materials.


GPHY specializes in the development of smart energy systems.


HerbiaEra's mission is to put science at the service of healthy and local food.


Icetek sales and installs icing sensors for wind turbines. Icetek also offers ice protection systems for wind farm.

Kat Innovation

KAT Innovation develops a medical device to stimulate bone growth in people with osteoporosis.

Lux Aerobot

Lux Aerobot

Lux builds and operates a fleet of stratospheric balloons for Earth observation.


Medscint develops and commercializes scintillation dosimeters to improve the standard of care on radiation oncology.


Moveck develops next-generation end-user solutions for researchers and professionals looking to leverage the data gleaned from motion capture technologies—and simplify and accelerate outcomes computation.

Orel Medical

Orel Medical develops a medical device that aims to solve the obesity epidemic.

Picketa Systems

Picketa Systems is an agtech startup based in northwestern New-Brunswick that aims to help growers manage their resources.

Point Laz

Point Laz is a company that uses scanners to perform inspection in mine shafts replacing miners, increasing mine productivity and safety.


SciencePerfo is a company that puts science, research and technology at the service of sport.


Sphaira creates technologies that limit the spread of microbes responsible for contagious diseases.


Visiooimage offers an infrared thermography product for material testing, trusted by SMEs, governments, universities, research centers, and aerospace contractors based on a unique approach and many years of expertise.


WhalePiX enables large-scale deployment of photonic systems for high speed data transfer at low power consumption.


Zilia is developing technology bound to redefine the way we prevent, diagnose, and treat various ocular, neurological, and systemic conditions.

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