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Our Services

We offer a highly specialized incubation program that’s specifically tailored to your needs and designed for you. The support we offer is adapted and optimized based on your technology’s stage of development, as well as your business’s life cycle and entire value chain. Our services include:

Business coaching

Our co-coaching program includes business coaching and mentoring, personalized guidance, and advice on how to meet your specific needs. This allows you to identify and flesh out key aspects of your projects, including:

  • Business model
  • Value proposition
  • Organizational practices
  • Business and legal strategies
  • Financing support

Technical development support

Personalized guidance that takes industry realities into account to help you accelerate your business’s development, secure financing, and attract investors. Courses, technical training, workshops, and specialized clinics presented by exclusive partners, professional technologists, specialists, and experts-in-residence.

  • Specialized training
    Protection of intellectual property
    Consulting, coaching, and specialized mentoring
    Market validation and access
  • Technical training
  • Definition of a minimum viable product
  • Product development support
  • Pre-commercialization support

Laboratories and specialized facilities

Quantino welcomes incubatees to its brand new, state-of-the-art facilities! You can test and experiment on your innovations in standardized, regulated conditions and situations, then develop viable prototypes and carry out scientific and technological validations—all under one roof.

  • Test benches
  • Specialized software
  • Scientific equipment
  • Collaborative laboratories and workshops
  • Clean rooms (optional)
  • Spaces dedicated to testing and experimenting (optional)
  • And more!

Optical lab

The shared optical laboratory allows you to safely carry out all your optical assemblies using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Thorlabs optical tables with passive isolation (4’X8’)
  • Class 4 laser safety zone
  • Workstation with ESD chair
  • Newport 818-SL/DB detector (400–1100nm)
  • Thorlabs starter kit (mounts and hardware)
  • Vytran LFS4100 Fusion splicer
  • Fujikura 90S Fusion splicer
  • Large diameter fiber optic cleaver
  • Fusion cleaver
  • Optical spectrum analyzer (1.0 um - 5.6 um)
  • And other specialized equipment

Electronics lab

The shared electronics lab gives you access to workstations that meet the highest safety standards as well as the key equipment you need to develop your products.

  • ESD workstation for state-of-the-art electronics
  • Oscilloscope (1GHz, 4 channels)
  • Fluke 87 multimeters
  • Voltage source (0-6V 5A, 0-25V 1A)
  • Function generator (20MHz)
  • Vacuum bell for degassing glue
  • Ventilated cabinet for chemicals
  • Chemical fume hood with washbasin
  • Quincy digital laboratory oven with USB communication, temperature range of 25°F to 450°F
  • Ultimaker S5 3D Printer
  • Differential probe
  • Current probe
  • 200W/DC Programmable electronic load
  • Formlab Form 3BL 3D Printer
  • Siglent SSA3032X Spectrum analyzer
  • And other specialized equipment

Mechanical lab

The mechanical workshop is a plus to help bring your ideas to life. It has all the equipment you need to make it easier to build or modify prototypes.

  • Drill press
  • Adjustable-speed vertical bandsaw
  • Table sander
  • Manual press
  • Work table with vice
  • Welding table with welding machine
  • Washbasin
  • And other specialized equipment


Our workspaces are designed to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, learning, mutual aid, sharing of expertise and best practices, and fruitful exchanges. They include:

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Closed offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Multipurpose room

Our rental spaces come with the following services: Wi-Fi, photocopier access, furnishings, kitchenette, showers, changing rooms, and parking.

Access to the business ecosystem

We take a tailored, sector-based approach to offer a wide range of inclusive activities designed to promote networking so you can boost and energize your presence in the business community. We create an environment that encourages exchanges with INO employees as well as our experts-in-residence and partners such as Innovation Canada, CNRC-PARI, Optonique, and ISEQ, which also operate out of INO facilities near Quantino.

  • Events
  • Training
  • Clinics
  • Workshops

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